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Why join the hunt?

Betwixt & Between is a multilevel platform project that incorporates new technologies, including Augmented Reality. The app that was developed for the project by Augmented Marketing is fully integrated with the exhibit, and can be experienced by visitors in three modes: gallery, book, or hunt.

Experience art on another level

Betwixt & Between: An Untold Tom Thomson Story: includes a clue-solving game. While the game can be played in the gallery, with the Betwixt & Between book, or through the downloadable app, it also involves a geocaching element that can take players to four different locations in southern ontario to unlock clues and find hidden prizes.

About Betwixt & Between

A multi-faceted, fully immersive, interactive exhibition designed to tie the story of Canadian artist Tom Thomson (1877-1917) with the often overlooked history of the First Nations peoples of the Bruce Peninsula. The project combines storytelling with both ancient and modern technologies. The exhibit unfolds in several stages, beginning with the launch of the gallery exhibition in May 2017 in the Tom Thomson Art Gallery (the TOM) and the launch of the accompanying app. The app allows viewers to not only interact with the exhibition using augmented reality, but to also interact with the exhibition catalogue. Users also receive the chance to participate in a treasure hunt, similar to geocaching, to find copies of the very same artifacts seen in the museum.

The Betwixt & Between project challenges the authoritative role of museums, governments, and educational systems as traditional bastions of historical fact, and explores the relationship between false representation and truth. The artists have spent an extensive amount of time combing through primary source documents and materials to develop a narrative that could be considered 85% authentic. Tying the story to real events in Thomson’s life and in Canadian history, the story as presented isn’t necessarily fiction – rather, it is not fully proven.

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