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Kemble Mountain Roastery

Kemble Mountain Roastery is a local coffee roastery that was established in 2005 and has store locations in both Southampton and Rockford. Our goal is to provide fresh roasted 100% Organic Fair Trade coffee to the area. We roast in small batches to ensure a delicious and aromatic flavour with every cup. Our roasts range from medium and dark to espresso. We also carry Swiss Water Organic Fair Trade decaffeinated coffee that is processed in Canada. More information can be found at Kemble Mountain Roastery.

Bella Grey Jewellery Design

Bella Grey jewellery grew from the courage, faith and creative focus that were essential in facing and overcoming uncertain and challenging personal circumstances. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, including beach stones and vintage buttons, each wonderful and whimsical accessory represents the strength and fulfillment that can come from accepting life’s difficulties and redirecting perspective toward growth, possibilities, and happiness.

Infinite Glassworks

Infinite Glassworks offers unique handblown and fused glass products for interior and exterior spaces. Emphasizing shape, form and colour, Infinite Glassworks produces fresh design in functional and sculptural vessels. Using molten glass, Kate and Matthew Civiero work together to form each piece by hand. After gathering hot glass on a hollow pipe, colour is added and the vessel is inflated and manipulated with specially designed hand tools. Upon completion, each piece of glass is cooled slowly to room temperature, then ground flat, polished and signed.

Aakideh: The Art & Legacy of Carl Beam

Canada | 2010 | colour | 65 min | english


The Ojibway artist Carl Beam (1943-2005) strongly influenced an entire generation of aboriginal artists and played a decisive role in the development of First Nations art in Canada. He worked in many different mediums: painting, drawing, watercolour, printmaking, non-silver photography, photo transfer, installations and ceramics. His story is told first by his wife, Ann, and daughter Anong. Then, in 11 themed segments, the film explores the highlights in his career and analyzes how his early experiences, from his childhood on Manitoulin Island to his turbulent years in residential school, impacted not only his life but his work as an artist.
Director(s): Paul Eichhorn, Robert Waldeck
Screenplay: Paul Eichhorn
Cinematography: Robert Waldeck
Sound: Dan Drysdale
Editing: Robert Waldeck, Dan Drysdale
Music: Dan Drysdale
Participation: Carl Beam, Ann Beam, Anong Beam, Virginia Eichhorn, Greg. A. Hill, Joseph Laford, Mark Larochelle, Elizabeth Mcluhan, Victor Migwans, Crystal Migwans, Richard Rhodes, Allan Ryan
Producer(s): Paul Eichhorn
Production: W.E. Productions
Distribution: W.E. Productions

Debra Gibbs – FINE Porcelain

Gibbs enjoys working with FINE porcelain because of the physical purity and hardiness. FINE porcelain has its’ own qualities from the ‘whiter than white – baby powder’ feel to incredible strength and durability when kiln fired at very high temperatures. The colour effects create depth and textures which make us want to use and enjoy each piece. FINE porcelain is all about the natural relationship between ‘true form’ and the ‘FINE‘ touch. It draws you close and exposes its honest beauty through everyday use.

Andrew Goss – Goss Design Studio

Since 1970, Andrew Goss’ jewellery and metalwork has been shown in over 100 exhibitions, ranging from solo to invitational group shows. He has had solo shows at the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery in Owen Sound, David Kaye Gallery and Prime Gallery in Toronto, Harbinger Gallery in Waterloo and Karsh-Masson Gallery in Ottawa. He has been in 10 two-person shows with Sandra Noble Goss. Invitational shows have included the Electrum Gallery in London, England, Schwabisch Gmund in Germany, Galerie Aurus in Paris, France, Velvet Da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco (2005) and many in Toronto, Canada.

Goss Design Website

Sandra Noble Goss – Goss Design Studio

Sandra Noble Goss’ jewellery and wall pieces have been shown in many galleries including solo shows at Prime Gallery in Toronto in 1991, Harbinger Gallery in Waterloo in 2001 and 2012, and Lefreniere & Pai Gallery in Ottawa in 2009. She has been in 10 two-person shows with Andrew Goss, including Lynda Greenberg Gallery in Ottawa and Prime Gallery. The two jewellers share a studio in Owen Sound, Ontario. Her work has been part of invitational shows in the Electrum Gallery in London, England, Schwabisch Gmund in Germany, Galerie Aurus in Paris, France and many others in Toronto and Calgary. She won the Steele Trophy for Best in Show from the Metal Arts Guild in 2000 and has been the recipient of awards from the Ontario Arts Council.

Goss Design Studio

Joan Hawksbridge – Jewellery

Joan Hawksbridge was born in Ottawa. Since 1980, she has shown her work in many solo and group exhibitions. She has served on Regional and Provincial Artist juries since the 1980’s. She has also been included in lecture series, and has been invited to submit drawings and illustrations for a number projects. Joan is also a jewellery artist with a wide selection of beaded work including necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Joan Hawksbridge Website

Barbara Hehner – Remagination by Rosie

Joan Irvine – Jewellery

Joan is probably best known as “The Pop-up Lady” as she has written a number of children’s books about making pop-up cards and crafts with boxes. However, she has also been drawing in personal journals for thirty-two years. Her drawings come from within and reflect inner feelings and thoughts. Over the years, some of the drawings have developed into jewellery, paintings, prints, collages and cards. Her work reflects whimsy, spontaneity and thoughtfulness. She is interested in the underlying energy of people and situations.

Joan IrvingWebsite

John Lloyd – Stained Glass

Inspired by Tom Thomson & the Group of Seven, Llyod creates beautiful stained glass works to be enjoyed in any window or wall setting.

Leah Lorenzo-Faulkner – Greeting Cards

Handmade, custom greetings cards to celebrate all things in life
Handmade by Leah Lorenzo-Faulkner.

Judy Lowry – Clay Sculptures

Judy Lowry is an artist who lives near the town of Dornoch in Grey County. She focuses on sculpture and drawing. She recently exhibited her clay sculptures in Germany and graphite drawings in Sweden. The remainder of her creative energy is devoted to poetry.

Ingrid Lupp – Stained Glass

Stained glass has always held a fascination for Ingrid Lupp. The rich colours and patterns within the glass inspire her innovative and timeless designs.
Ingrid’s formal career has been as a forensic laboratory technologist at The Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto. She has been a serious glass artist since 1995 and has taken numerous workshops in stained glass, and kilnworked glass. As well, she has taken jewellery courses at George Brown College in Toronto and in Brisbane, Australia. Ingrid has utilized her skill and passion for glass to teach stained glass workshops for beginners.
Ingrid is a native Torontonian, but having spent most of her summer life at Georgian Bay, she has been influenced by the water, the storms, the rocks and the sunsets.

Ingrid Lupp Website

Elsa Mann – Night & Day Studio

Elsa’s potting career began initially as a past time, but quickly grew into a full-fledged obsession. She is primarily a self-taught potter, who’s spent over 15 years focusing her attention on raku pottery, and using raku fired works in non-traditional ways. Elsa co-owns Night & Day Studio together with her husband and fellow potter, Paul Kay.

Night & Day Studio Website

Marian Masters – Jewellery

As being an accomplished painter, in recent years Masters has pursued a career jewelry design. Her work has been exhibited in Galleries in Canada, the U.K. and is in private collections in Canada, U.K. Bermuda and the U.S.A and she currently exhibits at the Masters’ Designs Gallery in Thornbury, Ontario.

Masters’ Design Gallery

Maureen McTeague – Soft Sculpture

One of a kind handmade sock monkeys, cats, rabbits that any kid would enjoy! McTeague creates these signature gifts with corky character names and stories attached to each animal.

Virginia Smith – Glass

Smith grew up in Toronto and attended the Ontario College of Art. Her work constantly changes, from fused and lamp worked glass using ancient techniques to creating recent jewellery works with glass beads. Her contemporary art practices are extensions of her life experiences, ideas and passions focusing on concepts and simplicity.

Margriet Van Erp – Stained Glass

Margriet has been a glass and clay artisan for over 25 years. Working on stained glass with overlays of lead and thin mylar film she uses the surface as a canvas, allowing the designs to have a more painterly quality. During the 90’s custom architectural glasswork was her main focus. While now still accepting commissions, her original artglass series feature “art to go” – ready to hang pieces, giving a wonderful finishing touch to walls or windows.

SeeView Gallery, MVE Designs

Marcelina Salazar – Pottery

The notion of creating handmade pieces that acquire their full meaning only when used by others is central to Marcelina’s explorations with clay. She truly believes that using handmade objects in our daily lives, fills us with a sense of connection and an awareness of beauty. She aims to create objects that slip quietly into the dynamics of home-life.
The studio is located two hours north of Toronto, near Markdale, Ontario.

Marcelina Salazar Website

Ann Suzuki – Textiles

Suzuki’s artistic focus for the past thirty-five years has been on colour and design as it relates to textiles. She works with the ancient technique of BATIK , using Silk, wax and dyes to create unique colour combinations and intricate patterns. She hand selects her silks, which are mostly from India, China and Japan. Silk responds so well to the BATIK process, taking the dyes in a very intense way, colour over colour mixing and blending until the BATIK is completed.
The design and creation of “One of a Kind” garments is the next stage of her work. Each BATIK seems to lead her towards a garment design, whether it is jackets, coats, suits, gossamer evening tops, funky hats and Winter Silk scarves. Her pieces attract people for many different reasons, which she enjoys.


Willy Waterton – Photography

Willy Waterton has freelanced for numerous publications: the Toronto Star, Maclean’s, the Globe and Mail, Cottage Life, Bruce Trail News, Ontario Out of Doors, Canadian Geographic, Harrowsmith, Mountain Life, New York Times, Seasons, Ski Canada and the United Church Observer. He has photographed many assignments for The Canadian Press in this area. He is a contract photographer for Parks Canada, National Defence and the Niagara Escarpment Commission.
Waterton’s lifelong love for the Niagara Escarpment and Bruce and Grey Counties has led to his commitment to protect and interpret through his photography, this special part of Canada for others to enjoy.

Stephan Sadikan

Sadikan has been fascinated with wood working from a young age having watched his father restore old wooden chests and ornate them with brass pins. Interestingly, and decades later, he started making pens made from spent rifle brass cartridges. Most of the cartridges were fired from old World War I and World War II rifles and lent some significance as gifts. In short time, the natural progression to making pens entirely out of wood came to light. There is no shortage of wood in the Grey Bruce area, so all of his pens at the gallery are made from local wood.