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Installation Date: May 2, 2017
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The Seasons of TOM

The Tom Thomson Art Gallery is pleased to present The Seasons of TOM, a Canadian Spirit public art project, highlighting and celebrating Tom Thomson’s oil on panel sketches from the Gallery’s Permanent Collection.

As one of Canada’s most well-known and influential artists, Thomson was compelled the rugged and beautiful Canadian landscape, essentially communicating stories of Canada through paint. The selection of Thomson’s images in the Heritage Place Food Court reflects the artist’s love of the awe inspiring northern landscape – windswept pines, sunset skies, beaver dams, creeks, wild rivers, northern lights and the ever-changing colours of the seasons. These landscapes, combined with his non-traditional compositions, bold colour palettes and expressive brush strokes, defined a new style of painting which ultimately influenced the way many generations think about our Canadian landscape and its contributions to creating a sense of national identity.

To quote the art historian and writer David Silcox, “Thomson’s paintings are the visual equivalent of the national anthem.

Photo: Reproduction of Tom Thomson at Lake Scugog, (detail) 1910, photographed by T.H. Marten, Collection of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, gift of Margaret Murch

The TOM’s Curator of Temporary Exhibitions, Heather McLeese states, “I hope that all audiences will enjoy The Seasons of TOM at the Heritage Place Food Court. These large-scale reproductions of details of Thomson’s sketches truly celebrate his legacy of creating lasting images while it also makes the public aware of the incredible treasures that are a part of the Gallery’s Permanent Collection. Please visit the TOM soon to experience the full picture of Thomson’s incredible studies, capturing the brilliant colours of the seasons. Their immediacy, intuitive mark-making and incredible sense of light demonstrate that, for Thomson, “these moments were of too great important to miss.”

The TOM gratefully acknowledges support for this installation from Heritage Place. Canadian Spirit 2012-17 is generously sponsored by TD Bank Group. The TOM gratefully acknowledges its major funders, major sponsors, partners, members and donors.

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