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September 24 - January 7, 2018
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Standing Tall

In counterpoint to the male-dominated vision of early 20th century Canadian art, the TOM proudly presents these works by historic and contemporary Canadian female artists who share with us their own unique interpretations of the Canadian landscape and the enduring image of the iconic “single tree”, an undoubtedly Canadian image made famous in Tom Thomson’s The West Wind.

Each of the works included this exhibition have been selected from the Gallery’s permanent collection. Through these works, the artist, share their unique relationships with the land and their visions of Canada through a variety of stylistic and media expressions. From the satirized to the serene, true-to-life or even fabricated interpretations of the Canadian landscape, this exhibition seeks to explore the diversity of these artists and the land on which they lived and created. Likewise, Standing Tall celebrates the spirit of all the women who have steadfastly forged their own trails in Canadian art history.

Curated by David Huff, Curator of Collections, and Heather McCorquodale, Collections Assistant*, and researched by Joan Hawksbridge and Rosemary Preuss, Collections Volunteers.

*Funding for this position has been made possible through a generous donation from Elisabeth and Trevor Falk.


Image: Emily Carr, Metchosin Glen, Collection of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, gift of an anonymous donor, 1978

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