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August 17, 2017 - August 17
Collaborative Community Mural
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Northern Lights Recreation

Summerfolk Tom Thomson Mural Recreation, Northern Lights, painted by Rosalynn Aiken-Hall, the TOM’s cooperative education student,  Part of the TOM’s Canadian Spirit 2012-2017 Offsite Public Art Program

For Canadian Spirit 2017: Someday They Will Know What I Mean, the Tom Thomson Art Gallery will be re-creating the 1915 painting Northern Lights from its permanent collection. Capturing the spirit of the northern landscape, this iconic image will be transformed into a large mural by a co-op student who will work collaboratively with local high school students. The finished mural will be installed along the side of the amphitheatre stage area at the annual Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival, this August. At the close of the Festival, the mural will be relocated to a community centre such as the Julie McArthur Recreational Centre or the Harry Lumley Bayshore. Tom Thomson’s artwork captures the true spirit of the northern landscape which is worth celebrating and remembering.

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