TTAG You’re It! Offsite Public Art Projects

Over the past few years, The Tom Thomson Art Gallery has developed various programming initiatives to carry out our mission of connecting people to art and generate creative energy that sustains, enriches, empowers and inspires. One of the main mandates of the Gallery is community engagement. The TTAG You’re it projects help to bring art and programming out of the Gallery and into the community.

VSVSVS Art Collective: Symbology
Sunset Sky Mural with Summerfolk
ASAP:Alan Glicksman: The Sap of Life
ASAP:Underground Is Where the Heart Is, collaboration by Scott Benesiinaabandan and Delaine LeBas
Sunset Dinner Cruise aboard OSTC: Charles Glasspool
OSC Media House: Original Short Film: CHIMO
Stephen Orlando: Painting with Paddles:Burnt Island Lake I
Ann Marie Hadcock: Wrapped Fiddleheads

Canadian Spirit 2015: With a Destiny Offsite Multi-Arts Project

This year’s theme With A Destiny will consist of a wide ranging group of multi-disiplinary exhibitions and performances including outdoor installations, sculptures, murals, public interventions, films, concerts, lectures, and otehr events that will engage a broad demographic of regional and visitor audiences.  These collaborative offsite projects under the larger Canadian Spirit theme: With a Destiny will bring together diverse groups including businesses, organizations, professional artists, students, community members and public to foster ‘Canadian Spirit’ through multi-disiplinary forms of visual, media, performing and literary arts.

NYLE MIGIZI JOHNSTON – Mural at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery - Loading dock door
MARY CATHERINE NEWCOMB - Product of Eden - Billy Bishop House
JIM HONG LOUIE - Unfound & Unforgotten - Heroes Square, City Hall, Owen Sound
GARETH LICHTY - Trellis, 2014 - Queen's Park

The Legacy Project 2014: How Deep Our Roots

Sites throughout Owen Sound
2014 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War.  During that time Victory Gardens became important means of providing support for the war effort on the homefront. The TOM has created several Victory Gardens throughout the city. The gardens will also incorporate several site specific public art projects.  These projects will be created by Canadian artists including Ernest Daetwyler, Nyle Johnston, Gareth Lichty, Jim Hong Louie, and Mary Catherine Newcomb who will be engaging, teaching and mentoring youth and senior community groups on the experience and processes of creating a public work of art.

Window to the World Mural Project 2013

The Tom Thomson Art Gallery (TTAG You’re It!), Owen Sound Little Theatre (The Roxy)& Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op are collaborating on a public mural project in Owen Sound called Window to the World.  This project will create a large-scale mural on the wall surrounding the new rear entrance to the Roxy Theatre. The mural will become a window to the world for people who visit the theatre. The project also focuses on connecting local youth with professional artists to motivate, teach and expand their skill sets as young artists. The Window to the World mural creation will allow each student the opportunity to develop their signature “window”, allowing a fresh, imaginative vision to the world of the theatre. The project will foster leadership, artistic skill and the chance to gain self-respect by learning to respect the public space, the art-making process and each other.