How Deep Our Roots | JIM HONG LOUIE




 Almost every single one of us has been affected by the First World War in some shape or form.  Stories told to us by our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, friends or even our own stories that we share with others.  On Remembrance Day, we take a moment to reflect upon the brave Canadian soldiers who fought for our country; for the hardworking women on the homefront who supported the war effort in countless way; for anyone and everyone who has been affected by war, we bow our heads together for a moment of silence to remember.


Situated in the heart of the downtown Owen Sound area; resting next to the northwest side of City Hall lay the names of the unfound local heroes of war.  Part of the TOM’s How Deep Our Roots public project, this wood and ceramic sculpture brings us back to the trench warfare of the Great War to honour the men and women of Owen Sound who contributed to the war effort.  All local names are hand carved into the wooden frame and hand sculpted in red cursive clay remembering the brave women and men of war whose bodies were never found. This momentous public sculpture acts as a larger memorial or celebration of life for these unforgotten local heroes.

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”

– Laurence Binyon, notable poet


Artist’s Biography

Jim Hong Louie was born in 1950 in Stockton, California. He has studied at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan; at the Centre for Creative Studies (ceramics and graphic arts) in Detroit, Michigan; at the Paris School of Fine Arts (printing and drawing), at the Ontario College of Arts (ceramics) in Toronto and at Sheridan College of School of Design (ceramics) in Mississauga, Ontario. Louie has been exhibiting his ceramics and sculptures since 1975, including the FIRE + EARTH exhibition which toured across Canada and in Japan.
In 2012, The Tom Thomson Art Gallery of Owen Sound created a show and a fundraising auction, exhibiting pieces that Louie, along with twenty-one local artists had produced from the salvaged material from St. George’s Church in Owen Sound. Louie lives in Williamsford, Ontario.