How Deep Our Roots | GARETH LICHTY



garethlichtywebIn celebration of the How Deep Our Roots public art project, sculpture and installation artist, Gareth Lichty has pushed the two and three-dimensional boundaries of sculpture by constructing a trellis with a living and growing component, a Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) plant.  This sculpture entitled, “Trellis”, presents a contemporary trellis constructed using plywood and rope to form the geometric framework for shaping the growth patterns of this vine.  Virginia creeper is know for its vigorous and fast growing nature and is commonly identified by its five pointed green leaves.  Once temperatures cool during the fall season, this vine produces one of the most remarkable crimson red colours.  Lichty’s sculpture acts as a gridded lattice showcasing and supporting the sculptural and unpredictable patterns of these vines.  How deep, far, wide and tall these vines will grow is unknown, but it will certainly be one lively and colourful journey.


Lichty would like to extend sincere thanks to Sam Hatt and staff at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery for their help and support with this project.

Artist’s Biography

Gareth Lichty studied Fine Arts at York University in Toronto and Sculpture at Leeds University in England.  He has exhibited internationally and nationally with exhibitions in Europe, New Zealand and Canada.  Lichty has been a Director and the Chair of Programming for CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener and Area) since 2005.  He has received grants from the Canadian Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.  Lichty lives and works in Kitchener, Ontario and is represented by Peak Gallery, Toronto.