Upcoming Exhibitions

January 17th to March 27th, 2016

Crossing Natures

Guest Curated by Paul Petro, Director Paul Petro Gallery

An exhibition which looks at the relationship between female artists and the landscape.   Historically, while life drawing classes were an essential part of academic study, they were denied to women in both public and private institutions through much of the century as they were deemed inappropriate and even dangerous to the mores of proper young ladies.



Dermot Wilson, Two Notch Spiral, felt pen and pencil on Arches paper, 2010

January 17th to March 27th, 2016

Our Cosmic Geometries

Curated by Robert Alton, Exhibitions Coordinator

Dermott Wilson and Lesczek Wyczolkowski

This exhibition incorporates different media brought together under the “magical” philosophies and cosmologies of Sir Robert Fludd, the last of the great British Alchemists.  The artists will invite the city to help create a pseudo-scientific map of the community’s circles that will be interpreted and presented in accordance with some of Sir Robert’s ideas about microcosm and macrocosm.



The river in the tree I (detail), plywood bas-reliefs, 2015

January 17th to March 27th, 2016

 The River in the Tree

 Curated by Heather Hughes, Curator of Temporary Exhibitions

 Yechel Gagnon

Close engagement with the material qualities inherent to each form and medium has served as the foundation for Yechel Gagnon’s artistic practice, encompassing plywood bas-reliefs, embossed prints, frottage drawings, etchings, cast-aluminum works and large-scale architectural installations. In The River in the Tree, Gagnon carves and creates sculptural bas-reliefs in response to existing works in the TOM’s permanent collection, creating new work that challenges ideas around landscape, environmental issues and the inevitable forces of nature. The River in the Tree reveals the symbiosis between the natural and the man-made; how they coexist and relate in nature.  Gagnon’s works have been exhibited in more than twenty solo exhibitions and over fifty group shows in commercial galleries, artist-run centres and museums across Canada, in the United States, China and France. Yechel Gagnon lives in Montreal and is represented by the Cynthia Reeves Gallery in New Hampshire and Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art in Calgary.

























































































January 17th to March 27th, 2016

Recent Acquistions to the Collection

Curated by David Huff, Curator of Collections