Upcoming Exhibitions

A full list of upcoming exhibitions for 2017 coming soon.
Stay tuned!

Continuing and Evolving Exhibitions…

Works by Tom Thomson are on view in our ongoing CANADIAN SPIRIT: The Tom Thomson Experience exhibition.  Paintings, memorabilia and archival images offer an insightful look at Thomson’s life, ranging from his early years in Owen Sound to his untimely death at Canoe Lake in 1917. Thomson remains one of Canada’s most influential artists of the 20th century and a true Canadian hero!

Canadian Spirit 2016 – On the Edge of all the Wild Stuff
This year’s theme On the Edge of All the Wild Stuff, will look at historical events that took place in 1916 such as Women winning the right to vote in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta; the election of the first female magistrate in the British Empire (in Alberta); the creation of an all-black battalion of 500,000 troops by the Government of Canada; as well as Tom Thomson’s peripheral involvement with the War, city living and his continued time spent in Algonquin where his style became increasingly looser, more confident and poised for a major break-through. Canadian Spirit will celebrate these events through its Off-Site Multi-Arts Projects Program consisting of multi-disciplinary forms of visual, media, performing and literary arts, relevant to both historical and contemporary issues, that will challenge, provoke, and inspire audiences of all ages.

More about Canadian Spirit exhibitions and programmes can be found  HERE