A Tale of Two Steeples

A Tale of Two Steeples features work by 18 artists who created pieces out of the old spire at St. George’s church which will be available for exhibition and silent auction at the TOM. A reception on March 24, from 7-9 pm marks the final bidding opportunity and the closing of the show.

Participating artists include: Greta Bannan, Doris Fraser, Sandra Noble Goss, Bob Hastings, Joan Hawksbridge, Stephen Hogbin, Tom Jenks, Ann Keeling, Simon Kitz, Andree Levie-Warrilow, Jim Hong Louie, Judy Lowry, Marieke A. Niemeijer, Jan Niemeijer, George McLean, Cynthia Porter, Karen Rosalie, Allen Smutylo, Paul Smutylo