Current Exhibitions

Flight From the City (video still)

January 15 to May 14th, 2017
Clare Langan: The Winter of 13 Storms
Recent film and video works 2015-2017
Curated by Virginia Eichhorn, Director and Chief Curator

The TOM is very pleased to host a major exhibition of artist Clare Langan’s work. Consisting of poetically evocative videos and photographs, her films have been described as being a contemporary meditation on the Romantic Landscape in its entire beautiful, haunting and melancholic splendor, as she takes us on a journey through multiple geographical locations both real and constructed, allowing us access to dreamlike visions of the potential chaos that exists in nature and in our cinematic memories. Langan studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and with a Fulbright Scholarship, completed a film workshop at New York University in 1992. She is based in Dublin. Her film Metamorphosis, 2007 won the Principle Prize at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany. Her work has been exhibited at the Lyon Biennale; Houldsworth Gallery, London; Loop, Barcelona; NCA Gallery, Tokyo; Pratt Art Gallery New York and the Miguel Marcos Gallery, Barcelona.

Michael Markowsky, Tom Thomson - Falls Asleep, 2016, ink on paper

January 15 to May 14th, 2017
Michael Markowsky: The Persistence of Doubt
Curated by Heather McLeese, Curator of Temporary Exhibitions

In The Persistence of Doubt, Vancouver artist Michael Markowsky has used documents which have been in the Tom Thomson Art Gallery’s care for several decades and never yet released to the public to inspire his series of large-scale ink drawings. He also collaborated with Louise Solecki Weir to create forensic reconstructions of the skull found in 1956 that may or may not actually belong to Tom Thomson. Markowsky is also presenting a video work that reveals his artistic process and his quest to find answers to the mystery of Thomson’s death while also offering possible scenarios. The Persistence of Doubt explores untold stories and possibilities inviting the viewer into a world of discovery about the mythic man and artistic maverick.

Centennial Spirit

This selection of works from the Gallery’s Collection, reflects the diversity of visual arts in Canada during the time that the Tom Thomson Art Gallery was built. In 1967, from East Coast to West, from the Arctic to the Great Lake waters, this land had a diverse range of visual art styles from High Realism to Abstraction, and it was all being celebrated as part of Canadian Culture and the Centennial Spirit.

Curated by David Huff Curator of Collections, with assistance from Joan Hawksbridge, Collection Volunteer and Heather McCorquodale, Collection Assistant*


*Funding for this position has been made possible in part through the Young Canada Works in Building Careers in Heritage program, Department of Canadian Heritage.



Canadian Spirit: The Tom Thomson Experience continues

Curated by Virginia Eichhorn, Director, Chief Curator

Associate Curators: Robert Alton, Exhibitions Coordinator and  David Huff, Curator of Collections

This ongoing exhibition gives visitors an educational and entertaining introduction into Tom Thomson’s life, his connections with Owen Sound and Grey County, and the factors that led him to become one of Canada’s greatest artists.  Canadian Spirit: The Tom Thomson Experience is made up of the TOM’s important collection of objects, photos, documents and artworks by Thomson.


Submission Information

The Gallery produces exhibitions of contemporary artists based on curatorial research and thematic development around themes that explore Tom Thomson and his work or works that push conceptual or material boundaries that expand our understanding of land and identity. The Gallery does not actively solicit exhibition proposals and we are currently programmed into 2020. However, we very much welcome submissions from artists whose work might be considered for inclusion in future exhibition programming, for off-site Available Space Art Projects, or inclusion in the Gallery Shop.

For further information, please contact Christian Bernard Singer, Senior Curator at We prefer receiving a PDF document that includes statement, cv, images and relevant press. Packages sent by mail will not be returned.