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LORNE WAGMAN, Calimari Tree, 2015, oil and gesso on board


June 26th to September 18th, 2016

The Resonance of the Tree

Guest curator Stephen Hogbin raises the question of whether trees are sentient beings in Resonance of the Tree, an exhibition that features all new works by local artists Lorne Wagman and Vera DernovsekPeter Pierobon of Vancouver, and the collaborative duo Kevin Yates of Toronto and his brother Robert Yates of Montreal. While investigating natural history, early industries, and contemporary ecological issues, the works in this exhibition conjure poetic metaphors about understanding our sense of place within, and relative to, the natural world.

Hogbin is Chair of The Extraordinary Tree project, a collaboration with the TOM, Grey Roots Museum and Archives, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority and Landscape Design programme at Fanshawe College.  More information at:



Donefer, Winter Corona Basket, 2016, Blown and flameworked glass


June 26th to September 18th, 2016

With a Destiny

In With a Destiny, glass artists Laura Donefer, Susan Edgerley and Karina Guevin present sculptures and installations, inspired by the work, life and mythic story of Tom Thomson. Coming from Eastern Ontario and Quebec, all three artists are well-known for exploring ideas of destiny, chance and fate and their effects on both natural and personal environments in their work.

Curated by Christian Bernard Singer


Complementing Resonance of the Tree and With a Destiny, the TOM has borrowed The Jack Pine sketch (c. 1916) by Tom Thomson (1877-1917) from the Riverbrink Art Museum. The sketch is being featured in our on-going exhibition, The Tom Thomson Experience, which tells the “story” of Thomson – a mythic figure in Canadian art and history – in all its fullness, complication and contradiction.

Woodman, Agnes Martin from vanity fair assignment, 1988


June 26 to September 18, 2016

Agnes Martin and Me

Like Tom Thomson, Agnes Martin (1912-2004) is an artist shrouded in myth. She was one of only a handful of women to emerge in the male-dominated art movements of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. Martin also struggled with mental illness, battling to keep her incessant inner voices in check and it is against this backdrop that American photographer Donald Woodman chronicles their seven roller coaster years together (1977-1984) during which, he was her assistant and they were in constant contact with each other. Agnes Martin and Me presents never before seen photos of Martin by Woodman along with writings and ephemera that chronicle a tumultuous relationship while providing insights about the artist, known only to a chosen few.

Curated by Christian Bernard Singer

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Vid Ingelevics, Platform 02C, Chromogenic print, 94 x 117 cm, Gift of Vid Ingelevics, 2011


Extraordinary Trees in the Gallery’s Collection
Lower Foyer

The Ontario landscape is dominated by trees, and it is not surprising that they are a common subject matter for many of the artists whose work is part of the Gallery’s Collection. Thomson and the Group of Seven’s renderings of singular rugged trees have become symbolic of the enduring Canadian Spirit, an individual alone persevering against the forces of nature.

The image of the single tree is so iconic that contemporary artists have continued the tradition. On display are some of the extraordinary trees in the Gallery’s Collection by contemporary Canadian artists: Tom Benner; April Hickox; Vid Ingelevics; Lorraine Simms and Greg Staats.

Curated by David Huff



Canadian Spirit: The Tom Thomson Experience continues

Curated by Virginia Eichhorn, Director, Chief Curator

Associate Curators: Robert Alton, Exhibitions Coordinator and  David Huff, Curator of Collections

This ongoing exhibition gives visitors an educational and entertaining introduction into Tom Thomson’s life, his connections with Owen Sound and Grey County, and the factors that led him to become one of Canada’s greatest artists.  Canadian Spirit: The Tom Thomson Experience is made up of the TOM’s important collection of objects, photos, documents and artworks by Thomson.  



The TOM’s 2016 Exhibitions are generously supported by Owen Sound Transportation Company.


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The Gallery produces exhibitions based on curatorial research and thematic development. The Gallery does not actively solicit exhibition proposals and we are currently programmed well into 2019. However, artists are always welcome to send information about their work, which might be considered for inclusion in our programming decisions, for off-site Available Space Art Projects, or inclusion in the Gallery Shop.

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