Canadian Spirit 2015: With a Destiny | ANN MARIE HADCOCK


Installed offsite along the Harrison Park Freedom Walking Trail from July 24 to November 2, 2015

Artist’s Statement

Ann Marie Hadcock is a visual artist that creates material forms that inhabit nature.  These forms are constructed through processes of layering, wrapping, and combining a variety of artificial materials into structures that both integrate with and oppose their surroundings.  Site-specific installations emphasize the features of places through careful examination of natural elements. The creation of each new work is a learning experience for Hadcock as each landscape has a plethora of new information to offer and explore. The energy, history and geography of a location are active compositional elements that bring vibrancy, significance and context to the work.  Hadcock places artwork in public parks and along pathways to be discovered.  By placing artwork in unexpected locations the visual language of public art is extended beyond the confines of traditional public spaces — adding new layers of wonder and interpretation to both work and site.  Wrapped Fiddleheads greatly exaggerates the structure of fiddlehead ferns which grow abundantly in the Bruce Peninsula. These sculptural forms entice viewers to look more closely at their surroundings and reconsider common plants. 

 Artist’s Biography

Ann Marie Hadcock was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1979. She currently lives in Wiarton, Ontario. Ann has a Fine Art Diploma from Fanshawe College, Honours Visual Arts Degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MFA from the University of Windsor. Recent exhibitions include; Dream of an Oasis for CAFKA 2014, The Homefront at Tom Thomson Art Gallery and Natured Things at White Water Gallery in North Bay.

To see more of Hadcock’s work, visit her website: